PBiS In the Classroom

Classroom Expectations
At the beginning of the school year, you will need to develop expectations with your students for how Wrangler Star behavior will look in your classroom. Use the guideline below to help you with this.

We Are Wrangler Stars In Our Classroom When We Are.......


*insert your expectations here

*insert your expectations here


*insert your expectations here

*insert your expectations here


*Complete assignments

*Be prepared with materials


*insert your expectations here

*insert your expectations here

Classroom Management
A teacher's classroom management strategies will vary from year to year depending on his/her group of kids and each teacher has their own unique style. Students should follow the Wrangler Code because it is the right thing to do, not because they are going to get something. We are aware that sometimes we need a little help motivating students to display good behavior. Because of this, we have created an administration approved list of classroom management tools that you can use in your classroom if you wish. Please do not stray from this list without administrative approval. It is important for us to be as consistent as possible while still being able to use what works best for us!

*Red, Yellow, Green system
*Class Dojo
*Class money system

*Class point/table point system

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