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Hi Families! 
Not quite sure how to entertain your kiddos after so much time at home?
We decided to start posting weekly craft ideas!  Please be sure to check back once a week for a new craft :)

Week of 5/11:

Toilet Roll Flower Stamps

What you will need: Toilet Roll, Paint, Scissors

This craft is super easy and a lot of fun!! Take your toilet paper roll and cut one end of the roll into any kind of stamp you want! If you are cutting strips, make sure you flare them out to make them flat! Pour some paint onto a plate and now you have a new, fun way to paint!!

Week of 5/4:

Mother’s Day Flowers

What you will need: Different color paper, Markers, Skewers

This is a very simple, easy craft for kids to make to show appreciation to their moms! 

Have the kids cut out different color flower petals. Also have them cut out a center and write “I love Mom because…”. Now, on each pedal, have the kids write a reason why they love their moms! Glue all the pedals onto the center of the flower. Color a skewer green and glue it onto the back of the flower! 

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Week of 4/27:

Sponge Painting


What you will need: Sponges, Clothespin, Paint, Paper

First, cut up a sponge into four pieces. Clip on the clothespin to make a handle. Now you have a fun, textured paint brush!

Week of 4/20:

Make your own Kazoo!

What you will need: 
Toilet paper tube
 Wax Paper
 Rubber Band
 Crayons or Markers

  1. Decorate the toilet paper roll however you would like.

  2.  Tear a piece of wax paper off and place it on top of your roll.

  3. Secure the wax paper with a rubber band 

  4. Sing and talk through the kazoo and enjoy!

Week of 4/13:

Plastic Easter Egg Flower Pots


What you will need: Plastic Easter Eggs, Hot Glue, Scissors, Flowers or Soil and seeds

This is a very simple craft that helps bring in the spirit of Spring!! First, take apart your eggs. Use the scissors on the eggs that are attached together. With the help of a parent, use hot glue to glue the ends of the egg together. Have the bigger side facing up so that you can fill the eggs with flowers/soil. Allow the glue time to dry before putting in the flowers. You can also decorate the eggs if you’d like!

Week of 4/6:

Sock Bunnies


What you will need: Socks, Uncooked Rice, Rubber Bands, Black Marker, Ribbon, Scissors

  1. Take a sock and put it over a glass and pour one cup of rice into the sock!

  2. Take a rubber band and tie the top close!

  3. Take another rubber band and tie it in the middle to make the head and body!

  4. Take another  rubber band to make a little bunny tail on the back!

  5. To make the ears, cut off any excess sock. Leave a few inches for the ears. Cut down the middle of the sock. You can use a marker to trace the shape of ears  or you can just cut them how you would like!

  6. Using the black marker, Draw a face on your bunny and tie a piece of ribbon around its neck

Bunny Nose Face Mask


What you will need: Popsicle Sticks, Paint, White Paper, White Pom Poms, Mini Pink Pom Poms, White Pipe Cleaners, Glue, Scissors, Black Sharpie

  1. Take your popsicle sticks and paint them however you would like! (If you  already have colored popsicle sticks, feel free to skip this step!)

  2. Take two pipe cleaners and cut each one into three equal pieces. Glue them to your popsicle stick and fan them out to look like whiskers!

  3. On a piece of white paper, draw a square with a line through the middle of the square vertically to make the teeth. Cut it out and glue it on your whiskers!

  4. Put some glue over the whiskers and place two white pom poms next to eachother on top of the glue.

  5. Finally, take a pink pom pom and glue it to the top of the white pom poms!

Week of 3/30:
Supplies Needed:
  *Medium Rock 

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