Literacy Programming/Reading Recovery®

The mission of Douglas County School District Reading Recovery intervention is to produce sustainable learning by focusing instruction and learning opportunities for individual students to reach their full potential. The vision of Reading Recovery in Douglas County School District is to open doors to a literate future for children who initially struggle in learning to read and write. 

The goal of Reading Recovery is to reduce the number of first grade students who have difficulty in reading and writing, creating a successful pathway for future learning. By intervening early, Reading Recovery helps close the achievement gap between the lowest-achieving students and their peers before the gap becomes too large to bridge. Reading Recovery students are the most at-risk first graders who need support beyond excellent classroom instruction. The power of Reading Recovery is the one-on-one instruction tailored to meet students' personalized learning needs.

Reading Recovery teachers provide an additional layer of research-based literacy instruction and support beyond the daily, differentiated classroom literacy instruction. Targeted interventions are provided to small groups of learners according to specific literacy needs. The goal of intervention groups is to serve students for the shortest possible time while simultaneously providing necessary support for independent performance within the classroom.

All learners, regardless of circumstances, have the right to a quality education that assures they become independent readers and writers early in their school careers.