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RtI @ Sage Canyon
The purpose of the Response to Intervention program at Sage Canyon is to help meet the needs of students who are struggling and need extra support as well as students who are needing extensions so that all students move forward on their learning journey. Response to Intervention provides students with strategic and specific interventions in a small group setting outside of the classroom for 30-40 minutes per day. Each grade level has RtI time during which students are pulled out to work with the RtI teachers. Students do not miss regular classroom instruction from their teacher while they are in group.
RtI groups are flexible and will change throughout the school year based on the needs of students using a body of evidence collected by both the RtI and classroom teachers. RtI teachers will collaborate with classroom teachers on a regular basis to monitor student growth as well as the effectiveness of the intervention. As students make growth they may be exited from the group and will then receive only instruction from the classroom teacher. At that time other students needing support will be placed in groups.

DCSD RtI website

The Response to Intervention framework supports a World-Class Education by meeting the academic, social/ emotional, and behavioral needs of all students. Teachers in the classroom differentiate instruction as students demonstrate a need for more support and/or more depth and complexity.
The Colorado Department of Education is committed to providing support and information for the effective implementation of a Response to Intervention (RtI) model. The goal of this website is to provide resources and tools to practitioners and families in order to support successful implementation.