Get Crackin' Chicken and Garden Club News

Our next club meeting is February 19th from 4:00pm to 5:15pm in the SGCE library.  Ms. Emmeluth and Ms. Brost will meet the kids in the library after the bell rings. 
The chickens need your help!  Thank you to all the families who have signed up to care for the chickens this month.  **There are MANY days without care-givers in March and a couple of days in February.  The chickens need to be cared for every day of the year, so please signup to care for our flock.  Remember, all member families are required to signup for Chicken Care at least once a month.  
The weather has turned cold, brrrrrrrr!   Ms. Emmeluth and Ms Brost will be continue adding "winterizing" things to the waterers.  Don't be alarmed if you see ping pong balls or small water bottles filled with salt water, or smell vinegar in the waterers.  These things help keep the water in the waterers from freezing solid.  The water will still freeze, but it will not be a giant ice block.
Some ways you can help:
  • bring warm water from home in empty milk jugs - it is easier than lugging the waterers to and from the water spigot in the cold weather.
  • fill the waterers 2/3 full and be sure that the tops are on tight
  • keep one waterer in the feeding tube side of the coop,  one waterer in the nesting box side of the coop, one waterer in the run and one waterer empty (this way there is always at least one waterer that is not frozen to provide water for the chickens)
  • please be sure that the waterers are placed on a waterer boxes and not directly on the coop floor or the ground
  • bring fresh or frozen vegys to the chickens when you come to care for them.  The chickens love peas, corn, cut up carrots, torn up kale and water melon rinds and there is lots of water in these vegys.
  • Please check the "do not feed" list before feeding anything to the chickens 
Thank you to the Harris, Gilbertson and Turner Families for providing the snack for this meeting.  Thank you also to all the families who baked and/or volunteered for our bake sales.  We made $72.00 to buy food and treats for the chickens.  Way to go Get Crackin' families!  
Bake Sale 
Our next Bake Sale is scheduled for Friday, February 22nd right after school
There are still a few open spots for baked goods donations and club kids to run the bake sale.  Please use the signup link below to volunteer and please spread the word to family and friends.  The money from our bake sales provides feed, treats and shavings for the chickens all year long.
Here are the links to signup to help the Get CrackinClub:
Please check to see that the phone number and email listed on the email list is a good one to reach you at.   We use this email list to contact Get Crackin' Families throughout the year.  The phone numbers are necessary as a safety precaution - in case we need to contact you during or after the monthly meetings.  Thank you for your help!
Don't forget to signup for a care day for the chickens.  They are many unfilled days in March and April a few more in February!

Have a great evening!
Ms. Emmeluth and Ms. Brost